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Planning The Future





Everyone has a different reason for selling their property.

The first step in the Landplay process is to sit down with you to better understand your future goals.

Are you looking to retire?

Want to help your family?

Looking to travel?

When do you want to move?

By identifying your unique goals we can build a plan to increase the value of your property and make your dreams a reality – on your terms.


Set Your Goals

What are your future goals and what do you want to do after you sell your property? We’ll help you identify these goals and set a plan to make sure you achieve them when you do sell.


Educate Yourself

Understand what is happening in your community so that you can take full advantage of the value of your home. Our goal is to pass our knowledge onto you so you can increase the value of your property.


Plan Ahead

By planning 1-2 years in advance and taking the required steps to enhance the value of your land, you stand to earn much more for your property than you would if you were to sell it today.


Get Involved

Take part in the larger planning process of your community. By doing so you can help shape what the future community will look like for years to come, and what the eventual value of your land will be when you do choose to sell.

Get in the driver's seat

It’s your home and your property, so you should be the one driving the transaction. Don’t let someone else tell you when it’s the right time to sell. We give you the knowledge and ability to set your own plan and sell your land on your terms.

Understand your land

People often ask “What is my property worth?” but what they should ask is “What can a developer do with my property?” By understanding how builders look at your land and what can be done with it you are better equipped to have a conversation about the price they should pay for it. We help you understand what is happening around you, what’s unique about your property, and what can be done with it so that you have the knowledge to plan what you want to do next.

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